Industry 5.0: Towards a Sustainable, Human-centric and Resilient European Industry

The concept of Industry 5.0 extends and complements the existing Industry 4.0 paradigm by placing emphasis on innovation in industry, not just to become more productive, but to become more sustainable, resilient, and, above all, human-centric. The vision moves from an exclusive focus on shareholder value to wider stakeholder value, offering benefits to all involved. Translating the vision for Industry 5.0 into concrete actions requires close collaboration, foremost within industry itself, but also with a large range of stakeholders.


Maija Breque is one of the authors of the policy paper “Industry 5.0: Towards a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry” published in January 2021. She is a policy officer in the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation since 2016. The main focus of her work is linked to questions around the future of work, gender equality and social and ethical aspects of new technologies.