Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The conference organising team is always available to answer your query. Please email the support team if your question is not already listed here.

When is the conference?

17-20 October, 2021.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

Possibly yes unless your passport allows for an on-arrival visa. Please check the government website here to check your eligibility and find an appropriate visa:

How do I get an invitation letter?

Please check the Australian Government website ( first to see if you need any invitation letter at all. If yes, please email saeid[DOT]nahavandi [AT]ieee[DOT]org with a subject line – “Invitation letter request – IEEE SMC 2021 – <your_first_and_last_name>” to request one.

Where do I stay?

Melbourne is a popular tourist spot with many hotel, motel and AirBnB options. A number of renowned hotel is located near the Melbourne Convention Center including The Crown. Please google for accommodation in Melbourne and you should be able to get plenty of options.

How do I get to my hotel from airport?

If you’re arriving to Melbourne International Airport at Tullamarine, you should be able to catch a taxi, book an Uber or use SkyBus to reach the city. Please check the website for Melbourne airport ( for your options.

If you’re arriving to Avalaon International Airport, you will be able to get a SkyBus as well. However, SkyBus at Avalon Airport has limited number of shuttles and we would advise you to check for your options prior to booking your flight.

How do I get to the conference venue?

Melbourne has excellent public transportation. You should be able to catch a tram, train or bus from your hotel. If you’re living close to the Melbourne Convention Center and your hotel is within the free tram zone, you will not need a Myki. Otherwise, you will need a Myki card which serves the purpose of your ticket. You can buy and top-up a Myki from a train station or convenience store like 7-eleven. If you’re using public transport, you should touch on when you’re boarding and touch-off when you get off. Melbourne also offers a number of bike hire options. You should also be able to easily get a taxi/uber or equivalent from your hotel.

Melbourne is also a very good city for walking. You may also choose to walk to the conference venue if you’re staying close by

Where do I get public transport schedule?

Please check for all your public transport need including schedule for tram, train and bus. You can also get a list of options where you can buy a Myki card and top up instructions.