Special Sessions

Special Session in SMC 2021

The SMC 2021 conference welcomes everyone to submit proposal for special sessions. Anyone interested to organise a special session should download the following documents and submit out the completed forms to the special session co-chairs (Daoyi Dong, Parham Kebria, Sam Kwong) through the submission link here: https://conf.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl

List of Accepted Special Sessions

Cybernetics CodeTitleProposersKeywords
y33np Network Traffic Prediction Using a Hybrid Model of LSTM and Temporal Convolutional Networks Jing Bi, Xiang Zhang, Haitao Yuan*, Jia Zhang, Mengchu Zhou (China) Neural Networks and their Applications; Hybrid models of NN; Intelligent Internet Systems 
y33np A Spatio-temporal Prediction Method of Wind Energy in Green Cloud Data Centers Jing Bi, Han Li, Haitao Yuan* (China) Intelligent Internet Systems; Industry 4.0; Neural Networks and their Applications 
4w88m Optimally Scheduling Robotic Cellular Manufacturing Systems with A∗ Search and Timed Petri Nets Bo Huang*, Cangqi Zhou, Mengchu Zhou (China) Heuristic Algorithms; Optimization 
567af Noise Sensitivity Reduction of the Fixed Point Iteration-based Adaptive Control Hazem Issa*, Jozsef Tar (Hungary)Heuristic Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning 
p46w1 Identification of Quantum Colored Noises Using a Quantum Oscillator Lingyu Tan, Zhengyi Sun, Shibei Xue* (China)Optimization 
567af Increasing The Convergence Speed of Robust Fixed Point Transformaton-based Adaptive Control by Steffensen’s Method in SISO Case Kósi Krisztián* (Hungary) Heuristic Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning 
hak49 One-stage attention-based network for image classification and segmentation on optical coherence tomography image Xiaoming Liu*, Yingjie Bai (China)Machine Learning; Image Processing/Pattern Recognition 
y33np Research on extraction method of multi – text label 王 巳源* (China)Machine Learning 
hak49 Restricting Times of Data Access Using TrustZone in Cloud Storage Zhengwei Ren*, Xin Li, Jinshan Tang, Lina Wang, Shiwei Xu, Yan Tong (China)Information Assurance & Intelligent; Intelligent Internet Systems 
4w88m A Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithm with online decoding methods for flexible flow shop scheduling considering human fatigue Hangming Du, Fei Qiao, Junkai Wang*, Hong Lu (China)Heuristic Algorithms; Optimization; Industry 4.0 
5dw8d Exploiting Deep Transfer Learning for Automatic Glaucoma Detection Xi Xu, Jianqiang Li*, Linna Zhao, Li Zhang, Li Li (China)Neural Networks and their Applications; Biometric Systems and Bioinformatics; Computational Intelligence 
4w88m Probability-based Path Planning for Multi-Robot Systems with Stochastic Behavior in a Grid Map Biao Hu*, Zhengcai Cao, Haonan Wang (China)Agent-Based Modeling; Swarm Intelligence; Heuristic Algorithms 
567af Computational and Medical Cybernetics Imre Rudas, Levente Kovacs, György Eigner* (Hungary)Computational Intelligence; Biometric Systems and Bioinformatics; Machine Learning 
5dw8d Big Data Science and Computational Intelligence Yan Pei*, Bo Liu, li jianqiang (Japan)Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning; Optimization 
y33np Intelligent Edge Computing Systems and Applications Jing Bi*, Haitao Yuan, Ying Tang, Mengchu Zhou (China)Industry 4.0; Machine Learning; Computational Intelligence 
2tvcg Advanced Technologies for Computational Intelligence and Real-World Applications Tomohiro Hayashida*, Keiichi Tamura, Daisuke Hirotani (Japan)Computational Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation; Neural Networks and their Applications 
n171g Latest trends in Knowledge Management towards Industry 4.0 Madjid Fathi*, Abdollah Homaifar, Johannes Zenkert (Germany)Expert and Knowledge-based Systems; Industry 4.0; Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent 
p46w1 Quantum Cybernetics and Machine Learning Chunlin Chen*, Giovanni Acampora, Qing Gao, Apurva Narayan (China)Cybernetics for Informatics; Machine Learning 
hak49 Machine Learning for Intelligent Imaging Systems Jinshan Tang*, sos agaian (USA)Image Processing/Pattern Recognition; Machine Learning 
9tf67 Autonomous Intelligent Systems Yingxu Wang*, sam Kwong (Canada)Computational Intelligence; Cybernetics for Informatics; Machine Learning 
4w88m Smart Manufacturing Mengchu Zhou*, Mohammadhossein Ghahramani, Liu Bin, Witold Pedrycz (USA)Industry 4.0; Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning 
6v2v3 Financial Analytics Applications and Modeling Adiel de Almeida-Filho*, Luciano Ferreira, Diogo Ferreira de Lima Silva, Julio Cezar Soares Silva (Brazil)Computational Intelligence; Optimization; Heuristic Algorithms 
SSE SS CodeTitleProposersKeywords
cje86 An integrated multicriteria decision model for hiring hospital medical equipment suppliers Wilkson Ricardo Silva Castro, Eric Lucas dos Santos Eric Lucas dos Santos Cabral, João Costa, DAVIDSON FLORENTINO, Claudia Aparecida Cavalheiro Francisco, Eduarda Frej, Ricardo P. Souza* (Brazil) Systems Medicine; Service Systems and Organization; Model-based Systems Engineering 
6unw5 Human Machine Interfaces and Haptics Saeid Nahavandi*, Edward Tunstel, Rodney Roberts, Honghai Liu (Australia)Robotic Systems 
29n57 Data Driven techniques for Pattern recognition and its engineering applications Abdollah Homaifar*, Alexander Holland, Christian Weber (USA) Decision Support Systems; Intelligent transportation systems; Robotic Systems 
1q17u Distributed Adaptive Systems Haibin Zhu*, Weiming Shen, Giancarlo Fortino, Naixue Xiong (Canada) Cooperative Systems; Distributed Intelligent Systems; Decision Support Systems 
cje86 Multicriteria Decision Making Models: Design Issues and Applications with FITradeoff Method Suzana Daher*, Maisa Silva (Brazil)Decision Support Systems 
e423g Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Ali Karimoddini*, Abdollah Homaifar, Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, Shih-Chun Lin (USA)Intelligent transportation systems; System of Systems; Infrastructure Systems and Services 
2r4v1 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructures & Mobility Aladdin Ayesh*, Mark Lemon, Birgit Painter, Richard Kotter, Zaid Alwan, Ayse Ozbil Torun (United Kingdom)Smart urban Environments; Infrastructure Systems and Services; Intelligent transportation systems 
9b868 Uncertainty Quantification for Artificial Intelligence (UQ4AI) Abbas Khosravi*, Dipti Srinivasan, Parham Mohsenzadeh Kebria (Australia) Decision Support Systems; AI in Financial Systems; Intelligent Assistants and Advisory Systems 

HMS SS codes Title Proposers Keywords
8aki6  A Study and Review on Image Steganography  Raja Reddy R* (India) Information Visualization; Human-Computer Interaction; Wearable Computing 
9sydd  Handcrafted Machine Learning versus Deep Learning for Drivers’ Mental Stress Detection from Mobile Electrocardiographic Recordings  Mathias Vukelic*, Katharina Lingelbach, Frederik Diederichs (Germany)   Affective Computing; Human Factors; Wearable Computing 
t2ug6  Interaction Patterns for Cooperative Guidance and Control of Vehicles  Marcel Caspar Attila Baltzer*, Daniel López, Frank Flemisch (Germany)   Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Human-Machine Interface; Mental Models 
553ta  Context Modelling applied to the Intelligent Vehicle Navigation  Federico Faruffini*, Alessandro Correa Victorino, Marie-Hélène Abel (France)  Human Factors; Assistive Technology; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems 
t2ug6  Human-Machine Intelligence: Good Old Wine in New Bottles  Jonas Hasbach*, Thomas Witte (Germany)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Human Factors; Human-Machine Interface 
6j7c9  Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Method via Electromyographic Signal Based on Convolutional Neural Network  shouan Song, Yang Lei, benyan huo, Wu Man, Yanhong Liu* (China)   Human-Computer Interaction; Wearable Computing 
6j7c9  Trimanipulation: Evaluation of human performance in a 3-handed coordination task  YANPEI HUANG*, Jonathan Eden, Ekaterina Ivanova, Soo Jay Phee, etienne burdet (United Kingdom) * Human-Machine Interface; Human-Computer Interaction; Human Performance Modeling 
i748w  A New Named Entity Recognition Model Based on IDCNN Combined with BiLSTM and a Highway Network  Qixin Li, Tinglong Tang*, Mate Zhou, Wei Huang, Yirong Wu (China),   Human-Computer Interaction; Augmented Cognition 
553ta  How to Deal with Dynamic and Huge Information Dependency in Industrial Marketing Strategies  Nour Matta*, Nada Matta, Evan Giret, Nicolas Declercq (France)  Web Intelligence and Interaction; Information Systems for Design/Marketing 
6j7c9  Intelligent Human-robot Systems in Industrial Applications  Ziwei Wang*, Hak Keung Lam, etienne burdet, Honghai Liu (United Kingdom)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Machine Interface 
i748w  Machine Intelligence for Human Motion Analytics  Shengyong Chen*, Naoyuki Kubota, Honghai Liu (China)   Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Machine Interface; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems 
553ta  INTERACTION MANAGEMENT IN DIGITIZED ECOSYSTEMS  Marie-Hélène Abel*, Álvaro HERRERO, Giancarlo Fortino (France)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Web Intelligence and Interaction; Human-Machine Interface 
jgrt6  Human-in-the-loop Learning System and its User-centric Methods  Junpei Zhong*, Ahmad Lotfi, David Ada Adama, Wei Hong Chin (China)   Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Assistive Technology 
c6695  Collaborative Technologies and Applications  Weiming Weiming Shen*, Jean-Paul Barthès, Junzhou Luo, Amy Trappey, Jano Souza (China)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Interactive Design Science and Engineering; Human-Computer Interaction 
1w517  Information Systems for Design and Marketing  Katsutoshi Yada, Yi Zuo*, Hao Wang (China)  Information Systems for Design/Marketing; Information Visualization; Interactive and Digital Media 
q7msy  New Advances in Intelligent Multimedia Computing  Weifeng Liu*, Yicong Zhou (China)  Human-Machine Interface; Interactive and Digital Media; Human Performance Modeling 
5jf9n  AI for Human Performance Monitoring (AI4HPM)  Darius Nahavandi*, Giancarlo Fortino, Abbas Khosravi (Australia)  Human Performance Modeling; Wearable Computing; Human Factors 
42i37  Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things  Giancarlo Fortino*, Weiming Weiming Shen, Antonio Liotta, Wenfeng Li (Italy)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Web Intelligence and Interaction; Interactive Design Science and Engineering 
ed2hd  Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices  Giancarlo Fortino*, Peter X. Liu, Wang Zhelong, Li Ye (Italy)  Wearable Computing; Affective Computing; Assistive Technology 
9sydd  Recognizing the State of Emotion, Cognition and Action from Physiological and Behavioural Signals  Siyuan Chen*, Kun YU, Anne-Marie Brouwer (Australia) Affective Computing; Human-Computer Interaction; Human Factors 
t2ug6  Shared and cooperative control for multi-agent collaboration  Yuichi Saito*, Jairo Inga, Makoto Itoh, David Abbink, Tom Carlson, Frank Flemisch, Marie-Pierre Pacaux-Lemoine, Marcel Caspar Attila Baltzer (Japan)  Human-Machine Cooperation and Systems; Human Factors; Human-Computer Interaction 
8aki6  Artificial Intelligence in Smart Computing Devices  Sam Goundar*, Bharath Savarala Bhushan, Priyan MALARVIZHI KUMAR (Vietnam)  Human-Computer Interaction; User Interface Design; Human Factors